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Or we just work with you to sell your property within days, to maximise the value of your asset - and much, much more.

Is your house vacant?...... In need of repairs?.......Are you relocating”..….. Changes in relationships?..... Do you have bad tenants?

“We’re looking for trouble”…

Over committed with mortgage?....... Property values dropping below mortgage?........ Serious renovations?....   Vandalised properties?


Best Gold Coast, Innovations.


“We’re also expert advisers” in dealing with…..

Vendor Financed Properties……. Rent to Buy properties……. And Buying / Selling without the Banks….

Do you have an unwanted house that you need to sell?

We buy (and/or work with you as the owner) houses in any condition, and we can settle fast.

These are common problems that can happen to anyone. We buy houses in any condition and price range.
We are not Real Estate agents and can settle fast, - with NO agents’ fees.
We also offer immediate rent or debt relief on your house, today!


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Warren Plummer, Real Estate, Builder and Developer.

Warren Plummer

Warren Plummer, Real Estate, Builder, Developer.     

Mobile; 0418 217 791
Office; 07 5530 4579
Fax; 07 5530 6735

PO Box 88
Mudgeeraba QLD 4213


 Olle Persson, Sell Houses, Buy Houses, Real Estate, Builder, Developer.

Mobile; 0402 099 248
Office; 07 5530 4579
Fax; 07 5530 6735

PO Box 88
Mudgeeraba QLD 4213


Olle Persson, Sell Real Estate, Buy Real Estate, Builder Developer.

Olle Persson


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Welcome to the Plummer Persson Property Team.


Plummer Persson Win Win in Real Estate.

We are a team of Property Professionals; we are here to help you get maximum return on your Real Estate Asset. We are based on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia, but we are part of a Nation Wide Property Team able to assist in all corners of this Big Country.

Please contact us HERE and NOW for a casual chat about your property issues.

Just fill in the form below, don’t forget a phone number, and we contact you shortly.

Here’s a short of what you will find as this site is slowly being completed….

BGC Property “Blog”

I will try to forward some news for the industry, just relevant posts that can assist you in making informed decisions about your property.

BGC Property “Property Sales - NOW”
We buy Houses – FAST,


How about selling your house in a day?? !  -  Happens every day around Australia.

There are only 2 reasons people sell a real estate asset today; Either to access the cash, the equity in the property, - or – to get out of debt, to high mortgage or for other reason want to get out of it.

On the other side – there’s countless ways to sell a property. I will try to list a dozen for you here, but it’s just a tip of the iceberg – especially if we count various combinations of the listed strategies.

BGC Property “About BGC-P”

The standard “About Page”. I will try to introduce Warren and myself for starters, but then add all the other team members as I get material and as time permits.

After all – I have to be out there buying properties as well.

BGC Property “Renovation Profit

A very popular hobby / profession with many self made experts out there. And some self made “property renovation millionaires” as well.

Consequently there are enough of “Hoe To Do It” sites out there, and I will not talk about what to do and how to do the actual renovation.

I will here try to focus on our strategies here at Plummer Persson, how we can help you to get your property look like a Million Dollars – or at least justify another $100,000 - $500,000 to your asking price.

BGC Property “Sub Division Gold”

Councils love higher density throughout Australia, and no wonder;
•    They charge us ridiculous amounts for doing the job for them.
•    They save millions on infra structure and services.
•    They add rate-payers and income sources for each sub division made.

However, land value are steadily increasing, and a bit of your back yard may well have a value today that are 5 10 times the amount  the entire property was originally sold for.

BGC Property “Rent to Buy Your Property”
Rent to buy is a “Dream Come True” for property sellers and property buyers alike.

As the seller you get maximum price, often well over the current retail value in the area.

And the buyer can get in to the real estate game with little or no deposit, and with now bank loan qualifications required.

BGC Property “Development / Sourcing”

We can re-zone your property, maybe you’re in a residential property that can be converted to office or retail?

Maybe you can build a several story apartment block in your back yard?
Another area of unlimited potential.

BGC Property “Tailored Deals”

And a combination of all of the above.

Please bring your unique situation and we will have a look, we have many creative experts in the team. Some with decades of real estate experience around the world.

"We wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health"


Adding as we progressing with our projects….




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